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Happy birthday, Jean-Honoré Fragonard (April 5, 1732—August 22, 1806)

Best known for his flourishly hedonistic scenes, Jean Honoré Fragonard was a French Rococo painter and print maker, who was one of the most prolific painters of the Ancién Regime. He showed a great talent for art at an early age, and was sent to study with the Rococo painter Francois Boucher, who soon trusted him enough to paint replicas of his works. By the time he was 20 years old, he won the Prix de Rome, a scholarship to the French Academy, with his painting Jeroboan Sacrificing to the Golden Calf. Three years later, he moved to study at the French Academy of Art in Rome, where he was influenced by the romantic gardens, temples, grottos, terraces, and fountains (X)

one of my favorite artists 

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I wonder
who’s arms would I run and fall into
if I were drunk
in a room with everyone
I have ever loved

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